How to Check for Bed Bugs at Your Home


Bed Bugs are a great problem in many households as they are insects that breed very fast and are in the habit of biting human beings and feeding on their blood. This is a problem that can have physical and psychological problems for people living in households with bed bugs. Bed bugs bite and cause not just bite marks but also cause rashes, allergies and many medical issues. They can cause stress, anxiety, and insomnia as they spread on bedding materials making it impossible to sleep for many. To get rid of bed bugs it is important to figure out where in the households the bed bug infestation has taken place. The following are some of the ways to check for bed bug infestations in households:

Ways to Check for Bed Bugs

Types of Places Where Bed Bugs are Common
There can be single or a few bed bugs all over the household but there are areas within a household where bedbugs detection Oakville is easy as there are usually massive infestations. These areas include bed linen, bedding materials, mattresses, box springs, and other areas in and around beds because of which these bugs are called bed bugs. These types of bugs are also found in the upholstery of furniture, and massive infestations can be also       found in wardrobes and different types of cabinets, drawers, and cupboards.

Signs of Bed Bugs
There are many signs of bed bugs that can help in bed bugs detection Oakville. This includes small red and brown stains which indicate bed bugs infestation and also detection of bed bug eggs and also detection of their excrement which is easily detectable. Carefully checking the linen and bedding material especially folded areas are essential to look for signs of bed bugs. Bed bugs are extremely small bugs and using magnifying glasses to check for bed bugs is a good idea.

Checking Uncommon Places
Besides furniture, cupboards, and beds many other uncommon places around the house are also often infested by bed bugs. Books from libraries have bed bugs, bed bugs are present in backpacks and different types of luggage items and there are bed bugs even outside the homes in many cases. This includes bed bugs in car seats, seats at movie theatres, bus seats, and come into homes from the hospital, school, college, and other public campuses in the city. At home, the uncommon places where bed bugs detection can take place include baseboards, wallpapers, behind picture frames and also behind and around electrical switch plates.

What to Do After Detection
Once the detection of the bed bugs is done, it is a great idea to make a list of all the places within the household where bed bugs have been detected. The next step is to use the various methods available to get rid of bed bugs. Bed bugs are a nasty problem in the household and getting rid of bed bugs is essential for the health and hygiene of the people living in the household. Bed bugs are a problem that needs to be solved properly and fast and the first step for this is detection.